For the protection, prosperity and promotion of Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa: Area Overview

Yojoa.ORG is concerned with the betterment of the Lake Yojoa region.  For our purposes this consists of a zone encompassed by the town of Yoro at the northeast corner and La Esperanza to the southwest as graphically demonstrated by the following map where the green rectangle outlines our area of interest. Or initial focus will be on the locations closest to the lake.  Weather in this area varies substantially depending on altitude, local wind patterns, etc.  One may notice that weatherreports are displayed here for five Honduran cities.  Two of these are Yoro, and La Esperanza as key representatives of our area of concern.  The other three constitute the three Honduran mainland international airports - namely: Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, and San Pedro Sula.

Lake Yojoa Bilingual School 2011 Parade

Aniversario 4

Lake Yojoa Bilingual School 2011-2012

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P Ardon

Introduction: Foto Shop

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Finca Santa Martha - Info

Info de Texto

Introduction: Villa Finca Santa Martha


Santa Martha

II ETAPA Programa para la Regeneracion Medioambiental del Lago de Yojoa - Geologos del Mundo


Estudio periódico de la calidad de las aguas del lago

Tours: D & D Mirco Brewery

see more birds

We offer great bird watching trips! Over 400
species - this is a bird watcher's paradise.
Tours focus on the natural areas of lake yojoa,
plus Mt. Santa Barbara's mystic cloud forest.
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Amuprolago ' Special Report

Amuprolago: Foto de la semana

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