Project Oasis Yojoa

Project Oasis Yojoa Yojoa-ED Mon, 2010/03/01 - 13:00

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Yojoa Ecological Planners on the move

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The following pages detail project "Oasis Yojoa" — The lake's most sophisticated and formidable reforestation program. This forward looking initiative starts with the planting of 200,000 indigenous hardwood trees. Without exception, all unprotected areas around the lake have suffered ecological damage due to 50+ years of neglect and exploitation. The site for our initial beautification efforts was meticulously selected. Factors that favored choosing this as our future bio-reserve include: 1) Its distinction of being one of the few areas that was not been totally purged of their majestic trees. Moreover these specimens are currently endangered and need our immediate attention to survive. 2) We enjoy delightful proximity to three of the most pristine and undiscovered National Parks in all Central America. 3) Convenient access to the main national artery connecting the nation's capital and the main commercial center at the northern coast.




Heavy Equipment in Deep

Photos of our heavy equipment here:


Heavy Equipment n Tallent

The right stuff for discrete quality access:


A key element for project success is having all the equipment needed to build the access trails crucial to the planting, maintenance and security of the new trees; along with the caring expertise required to design these pleasing forestry trails in harmony with the natural environment.




Working to establish good boundaries

Knowing the land 1st hand


Photo Group 3 BIG Photos

The Joys of Perserving Nature


Accessing the Future

Adequate Access for Proper Forestation Care & Research


The forestry trails that are being carefully sculptured into the landscape will serve both our extensive reforestation needs and any requirements of research facilities that will be brought in to study and help heal the land.




Troubled Trees

Help: Researchers wanted to Study Forest Plants & Animals


Healthy Seedlings

Read about Oasis Yojoa's Tree Planting Plans
And see yet more of our favorite trees


Lake Yojoa Photos

Here are some of our favorite photos of the lake


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Creative Commons License
Photos are part of the "Eye of Zack Clark" collection which is wholly assigned to the Creative Commons Public Domain.


Project Oasis - Heavy Equipment

Project Oasis - Heavy Equipment Yojoa-ED Mon, 2010/03/01 - 16:52

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Excavator with arm curled

Excavator with arm extended

Cat Excavator on the job

Anual Road Mentainence

Road grader doinh the job



The right stuff for maintaining the most desirable area of Lake Yojoa

The right stuff for maintaining the most desirable area of Lake Yojoa Yojoa-ED Mon, 2010/03/01 - 17:35

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Morning Hills

YojoaLake North

Mountains 4Sale

The Developers

Dominic Hill

Road to Lake

The Right Stuff

Big Dirt Pusher

Helping Hands

YojoaLake View0

Dom by new road

HonduYateH View

HonduYateV view

Road to town

Dream Makers

Natural Food


Knowing the land first hand

Knowing the land first hand Yojoa-ED Mon, 2010/03/01 - 18:09

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Oasis Yojoa - Joys of Nature

Oasis Yojoa - Joys of Nature Yojoa-ED Mon, 2010/03/01 - 18:41

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Project Oasis Photo Group: the Joys of Nature:

Lake from half way up hillHill Crest Facing east2nd Lake for Hill CrestMeamber Azul MountainsLooking North Near peakLake From Middle of CrestLake with half hill n faceBig Lake big water shotSeedlings needing re-baggingWorkers re-bagging tressCloseup of re-bagging work

Baby Boy with Baby Treee


Maintaining & enhancing natural resources

Maintaining & enhancing natural resources Yojoa-ED Tue, 2010/03/02 - 04:57

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Photo Documentation:
A Bright Yojoa Destiny Unfolds

The Right StuffVirgin WoodsLand most Fertile1st steps new WayToes n Clean DirtChecking it OutLooks rightMaking the CutNatural BendMany Grand Trees


Land offer to research institutions

Land offer to research institutions Yojoa-ED Tue, 2010/03/02 - 06:03

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Oasis Yojoa is offering land to research institutions for setting up facilities to study the indigenous trees of Lake Yojoa.

TroulbedTrees: TrunkStudyTrees robbed of wildlifetree doctors wantedRopes-steps from poachersQueen Alice is dyingTree attacked by antsHalf dead Troubled treeTree Dr. Checks PatientLaying out the reserveThoughtless dammageTalking forest inventoryKeeping Honduras GreenHaunting SilhouettesTroubled trees need care

Please write if interested in studying forest life here at Lake Yojoa.


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Lake Yojoa reforestation effort

Lake Yojoa reforestation effort Yojoa-ED Tue, 2010/03/02 - 06:58

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Oasis Yojoa is the leading Lake Yojoa reforestation project. After several years of study and experiment the Oasis Yojoa group has fashioned a innovative strategy to plant well over 200,000 indigenous hardwood trees in the endangered areas overlooked by Cerro Azul Meambar National Park before 2010. Moreover, a record number of such tree plantings is only part of the story for this pioneering effort. In contrast to the timber farms that alter the terrain and environment with the simple objective of maximum short-term yield; Oasis Yojoa preserves the natural landscape with an aspiration to restore the land to its magnificent pristine past. An important success indicator will be the renewed proliferation of wildlife. Consequently due attention is payed to critical details such as 1) selecting the optimal mix of plants for an area, 2) timing of the planting, 3) care & maintenance, plus 4) protection from pest & poachers. All this requires an infrastructure of well planned forestry trails that naturally blend into and compliment the existing terrain. Oasis Yojoa is particularly well equipped to handle this prerequisite and has already satisfied a significant portion of this requirement.


Brief overview and timetable:



The first thousand seedlings have matured sufficiently (plus the rains have now arrived) for planting in the initial restoration areas. By this Christmas, 20,000 new healthy young trees will be in the ground. By May, Oasis Yojoa will have their own nursery (agricultura vivero) ready for growing saplings from seeds. This nursery will be sized to produce 10-15,000 new trees per month.


OasisForest MagicNatural  MajestyWild Fruits-CactiPalms n HardwoodsBeautiful SkinTrees speak artTree PromenadeFirm FoundationMistreated TreesTrees n mountainsTrees for comfortAbove a nite lakeSimply Elegant

Oasis Reforestation Photo Set 1

Oasis Reforestation Photo Set 1 Yojoa-ED Thu, 2010/03/04 - 07:58

Tree Story - Royal Palms

August 10, 2007: Reference Photo

September 26, 2007: Second Source for Royal Palm Sprouts

Owner of Royal Palm in above Photo

Tree owner's bull

October 09: multiple trees per bag look OK

October 24: extended photo study

Study of tree individually re-bagged

Study of multiple trees as originally bagged

Trees in front of water pila

Trees at NE corner of porch

View to north

Trees from seeds

Trees from seeds - close-up

November 2: make-shift fence & got more trees

Trying to protect trees from rabbits

Closer Photo to seee rabbit damage

November 6: All new trees finally bagged

Sample of 590 new bags with trees

Replanting indigenous hardwood trees

Replanting indigenous hardwood trees Yojoa-ED Thu, 2010/03/04 - 08:53

Tree Story II: The rigors of tree care

Photos from Wednesday November 21, 2007

Time 09:20:04 - Fstop 2.8, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 09:28:03 - Fstop 6.3, Exp. 1/40, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 09:29:12 - Fstop 4.5, Exp. 1/160, Zoom 27.5mm

Time 09:43:55 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/50, Zoom 10.9mm

Time 09:44:12 - Fstop 2.5, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 15.3mm

Time 09:47:45 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 09:48:09 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 09:48:18 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 09:48:46 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:02:40 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/50, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:03:08 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 12.2mm

Time 10:03:45 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/40, Zoom 10.4mm

Time 10:05:45 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/30, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:06:30 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 12.8mm

Time 10:07:34 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 34.1mm

Time 10:08:57 - Fstop 2.8, Exp. 1/200, Zoom 48.4mm

Time 10:09:33 - Fstop 2.5, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 24.2mm

Time 10:09:58 - Fstop 2.8, Exp. 1/160, Zoom 10.1mm

Time 10:10:10 - Fstop 2.8, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 15.3mm

Time 10:10:27 - Fstop 2.2, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 10.9mm

Time 10:10:34 - Fstop 2.5, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 12.8mm

Time 10:10:46 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 10.1mm

Time 10:11:12 - Fstop 2.8, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 11.7mm

Time 10:12:16 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:13:01 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 10.6mm

Time 10:13:14 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 10.6mm

Time 10:13:53 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/80, Zoom 10.9mm

Time 10:14:48 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/160, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:15:12 - Fstop 7.1, Exp. 1/25, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:16:15 - Fstop 4.5, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 32.3mm

Time 10:16:23 - Fstop 4.5, Exp. 1/160, Zoom 32.3mm

Time 10:17:03 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 9.0mm

Time 10:17:54 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/50, Zoom 23.6mm

Time 10:18:43 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/40, Zoom 8.7mm

Time 10:21:04 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 11.2mm

Time 10:23:04 - Fstop 6.3, Exp. 1/30, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:25:53 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 13.7mm

Time 10:26:09 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/200, Zoom 13.4mm

Time 10:28:40 - Fstop 7.1, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 8.7mm

Time 10:29:10 - Fstop 7.1, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:30:18 - Fstop 7.1, Exp. 1/50, Zoom 16.3mm

Time 10:31:41 - Fstop 8.0, Exp. 1/80, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:32:19 - Fstop 6.3, Exp. 1/125, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:33:00 - Fstop 5.6, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:33:41 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 7.1mm

Time 10:34:27 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 11.7mm

Time 10:34:51 - Fstop 4.0, Exp. 1/100, Zoom 8.7mm

Time 10:37:11 - Fstop 3.5, Exp. 1/60, Zoom 12.5mm

Time 10:40:57 - Fstop 5.0, Exp. 1/250, Zoom 10.4mm

Time 10:41:25 - Fstop 3.2, Exp. 1/320, Zoom 46.1mm