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The following pages detail project "Oasis Yojoa" — The lake's most sophisticated and formidable reforestation program. This forward looking initiative starts with the planting of 200,000 indigenous hardwood trees. Without exception, all unprotected areas around the lake have suffered ecological damage due to 50+ years of neglect and exploitation. The site for our initial beautification efforts was meticulously selected. Factors that favored choosing this as our future bio-reserve include: 1) Its distinction of being one of the few areas that was not been totally purged of their majestic trees. Moreover these specimens are currently endangered and need our immediate attention to survive. 2) We enjoy delightful proximity to three of the most pristine and undiscovered National Parks in all Central America. 3) Convenient access to the main national artery connecting the nation's capital and the main commercial center at the northern coast.

Heavy Equipment in Deep

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The right stuff for discrete quality access:

A key element for project success is having all the equipment needed to build the access trails crucial to the planting, maintenance and security of the new trees; along with the caring expertise required to design these pleasing forestry trails in harmony with the natural environment.

Working to establish good boundaries

Knowing the land 1st hand - Photo Group 2

Photo Group 3 BIG Photos

The Joys of Perserving Nature - Photo Group 3

Accessing the Future

Adequate Access for Proper Forestation Care & Research

The forestry trails that are being carefully sculptured into the landscape will serve both our extensive reforestation needs and any requirements of research facilities that will be brought in to study and help heal the land.

Troubled Trees

Help: Researchers wanted to Study Forest Plants & Animals

Healthy Seedlings

Read about Oasis Yojoa's Tree Planting Plans
And see yet more of our favorite trees

Lake Yojoa Photos

Here are some of our favorite photos of the lake

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