Electronic Frontier Foundation –
As for the EFF, who funds them? Could it be that they are funded by the same corporate raiders who are so often found guilty of stealing others innovations? Are they truly an advocacy group, or just paid assassins? They should come out publicly and release the names of their principal funding sources, or just be quiet.

Meanwhile, in matters where EFF claims to represent the public’s interest against parties who do not fund them. How much do they really participate, or is this more after the fact PR intended as window dressing as a cover for their furthering the interests of the large parties who do fund them? In particular, in the MGM v Grokster case which they seem to be taking much credit for it appears their participation was minimal at best (their name appears in a 12 page brief accompanying Congressional testimony by P2P United).

Mark Lemley –
As below, Mr. Lemley is paid by those pushing patent "deform" and therefore biased …
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