Jaffe and Lerner –
Josh Lerner is the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. Lerner is Professor of Investment Banking. As far as we can tell he has no experience with patents or patent law. Based on his bio he has had no dealings within the patent system. His only claim from the Harvard web site is … http://www.people.hbs.edu/jlerner/
“He founded, raised funding for, and organizes two groups at the National Bureau of Economic Research — the Entrepreneurship Working Group and the Innovation Policy and the Economy Group — and is a Research Associate in the Corporate Finance  and  Productivity Programs and serves as a co-editor of their publication Innovation Policy and the Economy.”
Ask him who funds his work. Mark Lemley, another professor championing gutting the patent system is funded by the same large companies trying to push for what they call reform.

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