Public Patent Foundation –
Who funds Pubpat? Could it be that they are funded by the same corporate raiders who are so often found guilty of stealing others innovations? Are they truly an advocacy group, or just paid assassins? They should come out publicly and release the names of their principal funding sources.

Has their director, Dan Ravicher, ever practiced patent law? Has he ever filed a patent application or ever litigated, licensed, or sold an invention? In short, does he have any first hand knowledge of the patent system? To our knowledge he does not other than a brief stint with one law firm of a couple of months. He did not graduate from law school until 2000 and started Pubpat in 2003 according to his bio on a Stanford web page. Yet he claims to have “extensive experience litigating, licensing, prosecuting, and otherwise counseling clients with respect to patents” as on the Echoinggreen web site.

Organizations that pretend to be working in the public interest are often controlled and funded by large multinationals as a means of camouflaging their real motives. These are the same large companies who blatantly “borrow” the creations of small entities and then cry wolf when caught red handed.

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