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About us here at World1Tours
This Living Planet

Dominic P. Mooney is the founder and visionary of World1Tours.  He has spent the largest part of his life touring this planet.  Now his travel experiences are dedicated to assuring his clients the best possible vacation adventure in three broad and important ways.

First, he is familiar with literally thousands of locations (especially in Central America).  Many places are well advertised yet not worth a tourist’s precious time, while others are one in a hundred marvelously secret gems.  Moreover, we are not talking about merely knowing a place, but also its people and businesses.  So direct easy access to the best hotels, restaurants, shops, and activities is assured.  Few to none are as well qualified to craft a custom tour emphasizing the sites and adventures that interest you the most.

Second, knowledge of all the border crossings and the local security practices guarantees a safe vacation.

And third, Mr. Mooney has spent thousands of uncomfortable hours either waiting on transportation or suffering the rigors of the actual journey.  This time was put to good use however, in planing ahead and mentally designing a world class tour coach that would be the answer to the dreams of a tourist such as himself.  The first of these dream machines now exists – a luxury sleeper tour couch redone from the ground up; customized in every detail to afford the very best in comfort, service and convenience.  The first of its kind – #1 – with absolutely no one on any continent offering anything like it.  Nevertheless, you will find that despite the absence of any competition, our prices represent an amazing value.  Yea, there are ‘services’ that will bus large groups around like a heard of cattle with no on board provisions nor privacy – we don’t even offer that kind of trip.  We upgrade our clients to real style and comfort for remarkably similar prices when you consider all the extra costs incurred on those non-inclusive lower grade no service tours.

Authored by company photographer Zack Clark    

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