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Welcome to World1Tours Sleeper Coach & Vehicle Details -

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A Formula for Great Times

  Sleeping compartments:

  • distinctively appointed, private and sound-proofed
  • 3 double beds, 4 single beds
  • upholstered walls
  • locking wooden doors
  • custom-made spring mattresses
  • storage space for personal items
  • individual lighting and ventilation controls
  • call-button
  • window


All the beverages & snacks you desire

 Common use area:

  • 2 comfortable restrooms
  • 1 full-size stand-up shower
  • 1 double-size stand-up shower
  • changing rooms adjacent to each shower providing comfort and convenience
  • full-size refrigerator
  • sink, stove, coffee-maker, microwave
  • TV, VCR, Stereo
  • couch seating 4 people
  • 2 booth-style tables seating 6 people

And more:
Horses, cycles, excursion vans & four wheel drive vehicles
are available for organized side trips